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Samsung Galaxy Note, Something You’d Use? [Poll]

No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding the Galaxy Note, we have too. Amongst the excitement, we also hear the neigh sayers. I too have found myself on the fence whether this is a phone I’d want to sport around in my pocket.

I briefly touched on this in an earlier thread, but I wanted to get a little more in to it. Some of the main concerns have been:

  • Really?… Stylus is so 2005
  • 5.3 Inch screen is to big.
  • Galaxy S II, Bigger Galaxy S II LTE, Now Biggest Galaxy Note? What’s next, Galaxy Slate at 7inch to fit between Galaxy Tab and Note?

I’ve heard more, but these seem to be the more repeated concerns. But lets not just focus on the bad stuff, this phone actually has a lot to offer as well.

We got a huge 5.3 inch screen, nothing wows a person than a big bright screen. Not to mention they brought the Super AMOLED Plus, which was greatly missed on the Nexus. Our Canadian carriers will have LTE support for these phones which is a huge plus as well.

I have been seeing a very mixed reaction from the masses. So I decided to create a quick little poll to see where our readers stand with the Galaxy Note.

Should you want to provide a more detailed answer, please a leave a comment below.

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  • Cass

    I can see how this would be a great choice for some. I thought the GN would feel too big but it doesn’t. There are times ibwould love to be able to take handwritten notes or quick sketches.

  • Just

    i had one already , its gorilla glass no need for stylus unless you want to doodle.
    battery amazing , but Canada version has totally diff hardware and looks too bad.
    Too BIG for phone and to SMALL for a tab.

  • Brian Evans

    At first the size seems ridiculous until I sat for a moment and took stock of how I use my phone now.  It’s been literally weeks since I raised my phone to my ear to talk into it.  I either use headphones or send texts and that’s with a Galaxy S with a 4inch screen.  A giant screen makes a lot of sense and since it is also very thin it doesn’t seem as large.

  • Farhansinbox

    I’ve been using the international version of Galaxy Note for 2-3 months now, and all I have to say is that this is by far the best mobile device i have ever used! And i have used very many 😉 The size is ideal for me as i used to carry 2 devices before (iphone4s and ipad2) and this replaced both the devices. Browsing is amazing on Gnote. The size does feel a little big at first but after using it for a couple of days it seems normal. I cant think abt going back to a smaller phone now. It really is a 2in1 device a tablet and a phone.


  • tech4oldguys

    I have never owned a tablet or smart phone – and have waited for the right device that would provide both functions.  The Galaxy Note appears to be the answer – I expect to be one of the early purchasers as the device becomes available.

  • aharmsworth

    One option is missing – I already have one and I love it.  HK phone but works great and had it for 2 months now.

  • John

    Love my Note, the best phone I’ve ever had bar none.  Too big, who cares!  Once you get used to the screen size, you’ll never go back to a smaller screen.  Having a stylus, so retro, well,  I love being able to take notes, draw things, cut and paste, precise selection of icons, yea, retro but I love it, thanks Samsung.  Watching Netflix movies in beautiful colour, just great.  Surfing the net without endless scrolling, what a joy.  Long live the Note with stylus with premium S-pen suite, with ICS, with LTE, oh it just doesn’t get any better.  Note 2 coming out in October or at least by Christmas.  Thanks Santa.