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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Now Comes With Clear Warning Regarding S-Pen Insertion

S-Pen Warning


Remember #spengate?  Well just in case you don’t remember, Samsung’s latest in their Note series had a bit of a design flaw.  Unlike previous generation Galaxy Note devices, you were able to completely insert the signature S-Pen into its slot backwards.  No big deal right?  Just pull it back out?  Not so much.  If inserted backwards, the S-Pen would catch on an internal latch that could be easily broken if the pen were forcefully pulled out.

Now it seems that Samsung knew of this problem as it was clearly marked in the user manual not to insert the S-Pen backwards but lets be honest, nobody reads the user manual.  So in order to protect Note 5 users even more so, Samsung is now printing the warning on the plastic sheet that wraps around the device.  Ideally this should deter people from inserting the pen backwards but then again, we all seem to enjoy doing what we’re not supposed to do…


  • Donovan Francis

    Whats next? do not insert in your eye or any other orifice?

  • Normyd

    And the user manual did not come in the box, you needed to download it.