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Samsung Contemplating Curved Screen For Note 6

S6 Edge+ and Note 5

Back in 2014, Samsung launched not one but two flagship phablets, the Note 4 and Note Edge, the latter which featured a curved edge display.  Last year Samsung also launched two flagship phablets, the Note 5 and the S6 Edge+, the latter featuring a dual curved edge display.  Following that trend you’d expect two flagship phablets again this year but according to a new report from GSM Helpdesk, Samsung only plans to launch one device this year.

What’s interesting is that Samsung is actually testing two different Note 6’s currently, one featuring a curved screen and the other featuring a flat display.  The screen size for both prototypes is the same at 5.8″ and both will be QHD but a curved device would likely feature a slightly smaller footprint.

In terms of other specs, the report states that the Note 6 will feature a Snapdragon 823 or Exynos 8 (depending on region), 6GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage.  The device will also feature the same 12MP camera found o the S7 as well as a massive 4000 mAh battery.

Of course, these are all rumours at this point but nothing here seems overly unusual so we can probably expect something similar when the phone officially debuts.  The big unknown is whether or not the Note 6 will have curve display.  What do you guys think?  Yay or Nay on a curved screen Note 6?

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  • Stephen B Morris

    If they are actually going to 5.8″ then they will have to curve the screen.