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Samsung Considering A 12MP Camera For The S7

Samsung S6 Camera


A new rumour regarding Samsung’s next big thing has surfaced and its an interesting one.  Contrary to previous rumours which claimed the Galaxy S7 would sport a 20MP shooter, this new rumour claims that Samsung will scale back the pixel count in favour of a larger sensor.

The rumored sensor is said to be of the 12MP variety and will feature a 1/2.0″ sensor area size which means that the individual pixels should be much larger than Samsung’s current offerings.  Google went a similar route with the new Nexus’, focusing on the amount of light the each pixel captures rather than the total number of pixels, and it seems to have paid off well for them.  The source of the rumour went on to say that Samsung is nearing mass production of the new sensor and it should make its début on the S7 next year.

As always, take the rumour with a grain of salt but it’s promising news nonetheless.  I’d much rather have a camera that captures more light rather than more pixels.