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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 2 August 29


Great news Note fans!  It seems that it has been pretty much confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2 will make it’s debut on August 29 in Berlin at the Samsung Unpacked Event.  Here’s a statement from one of their reps:

“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29.”

The means that in a matter of weeks, we’ll have a glimpse of my, I mean our next phone.  The rumours about this device have been going around and around for quite some time now.

Speculations are a 5.5″ screen (possibly Super AMOLED plus), Quad-Core Exynos with LTE support, crazy 12-13 MP camera.  Maybe more RAM, maybe some Jelly Bean.

Nobody knows for sure quite yet but we’ll know soon enough.  My only real hope is that they release one single version for the world and none of this “North America can have this one, and the rest of the world can have the better one.”  I know this isn’t Samsung’s fault, but it bugs me that many of their devices were watered down.