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Samsung Allegedly Giving The Green Light To An Iron Man Edition S6 And Edge

Iron Man S6 Edge

I’ve got some pretty killer news for all you tech and comic junkies out there.  According to a new report coming out of Korea, Samsung is going to be producing a limited edition Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge!  That’s right, one of the hottest devices on the market may soon be dolled up in that beautiful gold and hot rod red!

While this may seem a little far fetched, a mass collection of Avengers themed S6 renders surfaced a while back showcasing the possible limited edition devices.  Plus, Samsung and Marvel have already officially teamed up for several Avengers themes for the S6 so an actual device is the next logical step!

No word on when this device may come about or where it’ll be released but I for one would love to get my hands on an Iron Man edition S6 Edge!