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S6 Finally Dethroned As Top Camera On DxOMark. All Hail The Sony Xperia Z5


The Galaxy S6 has been sitting atop the DxOMark camera rankings since its release.  Other devices such as the LG G4, Moto X Style, and iPhone 6 were unable to dethrone the device.  Even brand new devices like the recently released iPhone 6S and Nexus 6P were unable to knock it of its perch but a soon to be released device has finally overthrown Samsung.

The unreleased Sony Xperia Z5 was just tested by the guys over on DxOMark and according to them, it is “the best tested to date.”  That’s some pretty high praise given the numerous devices with high quality cameras that have launched this past year.  Here’s the full summary from DxOMark:



  • Impressive autofocus in all conditions, the best tested to date.
  • Very good white balance and color rendering in most situations.
  • Good flash exposures with pleasant white balance and good detail preservation.
  • Good detail preservation in both good and low-light conditions.
  • Thin noise in low light.


  • Artifacts visible with blue sky saturation.
  • Skies sometimes burnt on high dynamic scenes.
  • Using flash, a slight attenuation is visible in the corners.



  • Impressive image stabilization that’s far ahead of the competition.
  • Good autofocus behavior.
  • Good detail preservation and noise level.
  • Accurate white balance and color rendering.


  • Sometimes tremors are visible, even using a tripod.
  • Exposure convergence can be very slow, particularly with details in strong highlights.
  • In low light, autofocus is sometimes a little slow to kick in.
  • Color shading is visible in low-light conditions.

I’ve seen a few samples of the video stabilization on the Z5 and I have to say I was very impressed.  Of course we need to see how this plays out when some less experiences photographers are shooting but things are definitely looking promising for Sony.