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Rumour: Sony Xperia Z6 Family To Feature 5 Different Sized Smartphones

Sony Z5 Family


Sony expanded their flagship line this year by launching not one, not two, but three different smartphones under the Z5 line.  Well according to a new rumour, the Z6 line family is going to be even larger than that!  A post on Chinese micro blogging site Weibo is claiming that Sony has 5 different sized smartphones planned for the Z6 family.  These devices include the Z6 Mini with a 4″ display, the Z6 Compact with a 4.6″ display, the Z6 with a 5.2″ display, the Z6 Plus with a 5.8″ display and the Z6 Ultra with a 6.4″ display.

The post went on to say that with the exception of the Z6 Mini, all of the devices will run the hotly anticipated (hopefully not too hot!) Snapdragon 820 while the Z6 Mini will get the Snapdragon 620.  Although not expressed in the post, you’d have to imagine that Sony will continue their trend of packing these devices with true flagship level specs regardless of the screen size.  The one exception, of course, may be the Z6 Mini which already has a lesser processor attached to it.

Sony’s struggles to remain profitable in the mobile market have been well documented but hopefully this new strategy of creating a range of high calibre devices of varying sizes will pay off for them.  Of course, it would help if they actually released all devices in all markets but that’s a discussion for another day.