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Rumour: Note 6 Will Launch In July

Galaxy Note

The S7 and S7 Edge are now on the market which means it’s now time to look forward to Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy Note 6.  We don’t have much information about the Note 6 (yet) but a new rumour is proposing a possible launch in mid July!  The Note 5 launched in August so Samsung would be pushing up the launch slightly but it seems like that’s what everyone is doing these days.  Apparently, a full year is just a little too long in between generations but I digress.

Again, we don’t have much information about the Note 6 (assuming that’ll be the name) quite yet but we can likely expect that a lot of the new features from the S7 and S7 Edge will filter into the Note 6.  In fact, Samsung usually packs newer technology into the Note series so I’m expecting a handful of new surprises.

One thing that the source did note (no pun intended) is that the Note 6 will launch with Android N.  While it’s hard to say if they can manage this since we don’t have a time frame from Google it’s definitely a possibility as Google has already outed a preview of Android N and are hoping to have a near final preview for I/O in May.  It’ll be interesting to see what Samsung does with Android N’s multi-window view as they’ve had their own iteration for quite some time now.

What would you guys like see in the Note 6?  What features and specs should Samung’s Next Big Thing pack?

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