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Rumour: LG’s 2016 Line Up Will Not Include A G Flex 3 But V10 Sequel In The Works

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There hasn’t been a lot of chatter surrounding LG’s 2016 devices, especially compared to the constant stream of rumours and leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7, but we do have a few new tidbits to throw your way.

According to a new report coming out of the Korean media, LG’s 2016 line up will not see a sequel of one of their most unique devices, the G Flex.  Despite its “flexible” design and unique self healing back, the G Flex series never really took off and it would appear that LG is throwing in the towel, at least for now.  The recently released V10, however, is expected to see a sequel but that won’t be happening until the second half of 2016.  Again, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise as the device has received positive reviews around the web and it seems to be selling fairly well (too bad it’s not in Canada).

As for the companies true flagship device, the G5, the report claims that the device should be released by the end of April.  If true, we should expect the announcement to happen a month or so before then.  This time table could be pushed up, however, as Samsung is rumoured to be pushing for a pretty early release of the S7 and LG could and would likely follow suit as to not be outshone.