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Rumour: HTC Has Signed A 3-Year Deal With Google To Manufacture The Nexus

Nexus One

The Nexus devices remain the gold standard among Android enthusiasts and purists.  Several different manufacturers have taken on the challenge of manufacturing these devices in partnership with Google ,and all have done a bang up job, but my personal favourite Nexus is still the original, the Nexus One made by HTC.  Well a trip down memory lane may be in store for me this next year, or should I say years.

A rumour has surfaced claiming that HTC and Google have reached an agreement that would make HTC the exclusive manufacturer of the Nexus’ for the next three years!  Current rumours do have HTC as the manufacturer for two Nexus phones this year but this long term deal is new news.

Now we’re going to keep this filed under the rumour category until we hear something a little more concrete but if this is true, this is great news for HTC.  The Taiwanese company that really helped kick start the Android revolution has fallen and fallen and fallen but a partnership with Google to manufacture the Nexus’ could definitely put them back on the map.  I feel like these partnerships have done great things for LG over the last several years and it has helped Huawei show the North American market that their flagship devices can hang with anyone.

Anyone else stoked about a new HTC Nexus?