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Rogers Adds The 64GB Galaxy Note 5 To Their Line Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Silver


The Galaxy Note 5 has been on the market since August but at launch we here in Canada were limited to just the 32GB option.  Well after a long wait, one carrier has decided to double down on the Note 5.  Rogers is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the 64GB in both Black Sapphire and White Titanium.  Pricing for the device starts at $439.99 on contract and $859.99 outright.  Oddly, the outright price is only a difference of $10 so that’s pretty much a no-brainer if you’re no planning on signing a contract.

Besides the storage, the device is identical to the 32GB version os you’re still getting the same beautiful design and stellar hardware.  Hopefully the other carriers follow suit as 32GB of non expandable storage just doesn’t do it for a lot of people.


  • G-Money41

    A couple of months late on that one…