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Ridiculous Sony Xperia Z Real Life Test

I really should stop reading stuff and posting stuff about the Xperia Z since it’s not likely that we’ll be getting it here.  But I’m still holding onto some gilmmer of hope that Sony will have a change of heart and release this phone world wide.

Anyway, here’s just a little video of some “real life” scenarios that you may face with the Sony Xperia Z.  Because you know, you might drop it in your beans and need to wash it like a plate.  Or you may decide that while you’re sitting in a hot tub you need to be racing too.

As ridiculous as this video is, it reminds me of how awesome this device is.  How many of you are also holding onto that glimmer of hope that this device will make it to the great white north?  We may not drop it in beans but there’s a lot of snow that we need to be protected from!


  • Stefan, Germany

    I’m thinking of ordering it next week, 9th.February, in Japan… here in Germany it may take 4 weeks longer until it will be available 🙁

  • I Would prefer the ZL in the UK.

    More manageable size and better battery

    • Tim Gee

      I love the large screens!

  • mina

    i think That your post is ont so kind 🙁 the idea of Sony is gréât. and Manu people Will be happy to get a phone wich can resist in water. anyway i love this phone and i would buy it.

    sorry for my bad english im French .