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Production Starts On Galaxy S IV 5″ 1080p Display


If you’re a loyal follower of Android in Canada, you’ve been privy to all the rumours concerning the specs and release time frame for the device. We anticipate Samsung announcing the S IV at their Samsung Unpacked event on March 15th with the phone hitting stores sometime in April.

According to Sammy Hub via Korean site DDaily, Samsung has recently begun production on the device’s 4.99″ 1920×1080 AMOLED display, sporting a pixel density of 440ppi. To give you some sort of idea how insane the display will be, Apple’s “retina” displays on the iPhone 5 are 326ppi. The S IV will be beautiful.

Apparently, DDaily’s got a very trusted source on this one, and the news only confirms the S IV’s rumoured launch time frame. Clearly, the company is going to sell millions of the S IV, and they’re definitely going to need a couple of months here to get ready for release.

So, another day, another update on the S IV. It looks like we’re getting very close to seeing the “next big thing” rather than reporting about hearsay. The Galaxy S IV is going to arrive months before Google’s next Nexus or X Phone and it looks like its only competition will be the HTC M7 and Nexus 4. One can only wonder whether Samsung’s 2013 flagship device will be good enough to sell more than the 50 million S IIIs the company sold in 2012.

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  • Jeremy Lukan

    Now Samsung just has to do one more thing to copy Apple. When they release a new flagship device, they need to keep offering the previous versions (S, S2, and S3) as the low-end devices instead of making new ones. They are almost there, and I understand the need for the Rugby phones. I hope they never do something stupid like the S2X again, waste of time and money.

    Personally, I don’t know if I can handle not being on the newest version of Android with my Nexus device. But the S3 is obviously the phone I still recommend to family and friends getting an Android phone.