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PenGate No More, Samsung Has Fixed The Note 5

S-Pen Warning

The Galaxy Note series really helped in creating the phablet category and the 2015 iteration of the Note, the Note 5, is one of the best devices to date.  Despite everything this phone did well, it did have one pretty major design flaw.  If you inserted the S-Pen backwards, you could break a small mechanism in the device.  Samsung’s initial solution was to place the above warning on all devices being shipped out.  While the warning helps, it’s not really a solution.

Fast forward to today and it seems that Samsung has quietly rolled out a proper solution.  Below you’ll see a photo of the Note 5’s motherboard.  The one on the left was taken from a newer device while the one on the right comes from an older device.  You’ll notice a small whitish-grey tab that protects the small black mechanism on the left motherboard while the black mechanism is completely exposed on the motherboard on the right.  Apparently, this small white tab keeps the mechanism from breaking, even if the S-Pen is inserted backwards.

While I applaud Samsung for coming up with this solution, it seems like something so simple should have been picked up before the device even launched.

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