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Original Xperia Z And ZL To Get Lollipop In The Coming Weeks

Sony Xperia Z Lollipop

Despite being over 2 years old and now 4 flagship generations old, the original Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia ZL are not being forgotten by the iconic Japanese tech company.  Mobile Syrup recently spoke with a Sony rep who confirmed that the remaining Z line up, which includes the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, will indeed get Lollipop.

While many have likely already moved on from the Xperia Z and ZL there are undoubtedly still some out there using these devices and I’m sure they’ll be happy to see the update come there way.  It also speaks volumes about Sony’s software team and should give prospective Sony buyers confidence that when they buy a device it will not be quickly forgotten.