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OnePlus X Available For Purchase Every Tuesday Invite Free!

OnePlus X Tuesday


From the very beginning, OnePlus has done a great job generating buzz around their new devices but there has always been one nagging issue that has plagued the company, the invites!  Now OnePlus has explained the reason for the invite system and it really dose make sense to me but it’s still caused a lot of frustration among prospective buyers and has probably lost them a good number of sales.

As the company continues to grow, they have been trying to make it easier for consumers to purchase their phone.  The OnePlus One has been available for purchase without an invite for some time now and the OnePlus Two is also in that same boat now.  The OnePlus X, the companies latest device and possibly their best bang for buck device yet, still requires an invite but not on Tuesdays, at least not any more.

The company Tweeted that Tuesdays are now Open Sales days for the OnePlus X.  That’s right, no invite required.  While this isn’t quite a flagship calibre device, at $329 CAD it offers some serious value.  So if you’ve been waiting for an invite to purchase this guy, your wait is over…assuming you remember to buy it on a Tuesday!