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OnePlus Two Sketches Surface

OnePlus Two Sketch - 1 OnePlus Two Sketch - 2

OnePlus Two leaks are coming fast and furious these days but this latest leak is probably one of the best so far!  Business Insider managed to get a hold of a couple of sketches for OnePlus’ upcoming flagship and not only do they provide a picture of the design but they also detail some of the features and build materials.

In terms of design, these sketches very much resemble the previous leak which definitely adds some credibility to both leaks.  The sketch also confirms that the sequel will indeed utilize metal for the frame which is something that had long been rumoured for the device.  The sketches also show off where the recently announced fingerprint reader will be located and unlike most devices currently on the market, OnePlus has opted to throw the reader on the back.

As interesting as all of that is so far, the most intriguing details the sketches provide have to do with cameras.  First off, the sketch claims that the OnePlus Two will feature a 8MP front facing camera which is a higher megapixel count than what most current flagships offer.  On the back of the device we get something really special, a dual camera set up.  While this isn’t some new advancement, it’s something I definitely didn’t expect OnePlus to employ.  Of course, we can’t say for sure that this is a sketch of the final product but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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