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OnePlus To Host Virtual Reality Launch Event On July 27

OnePlus 2 VR


OnePlus does a great job building hype for their products and this latest move is definitely going to generate some excitement!  OnePlus announced earlier today that they will host the world’s very first Virtual Reality product launch when they unveil the OnePlus 2 on July 27!  That’s right, a virtual reality product launch!  According to the announcement, you’ll be able to look around and check out the phone via the VR event!

And if that wasn’t all cool enough, OnePlus also announced that they have built their own custom Cardboard for the event.  This particular cardboard is made to perfectly fit the OnePlus One and from the looks of the site, you’ll be able to grab it for free (plus shipping) when it becomes available!  No word on when they’ll launch the Cardboard but I’ll keep an eye on it for you guys!