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OnePlus Hints At Possible StyleSwap Cover Materials

Style Swap OnePlus 2


One of the more intriguing aspects of the OnePlus One last year was the promised StyleSwap covers.  In essence, they were to be OEM backplates made of unique materials such as Bamboo, Denim and Carbon Fiber that customers could buy to replace the stock backplate on the phone.  Ultimately OnePlus failed to deliver on the StyleSwap covers with only the Bamboo version coming to market but in limited quantities.

Fast forward a year and we’re approaching the announcement of the OnePlus 2.  Just like last year, OnePlus is promising StyleSwap covers and they currently have a poll running to see what materials people are most interested in.  Current options include Ceramic, Rosewood, Mother-of-pearl, Bamboo, Quarts, Leather, Denim, and Nylon.  Whether or not all of these options will be available once the phone launches remains to be seen but OnePlus has publicly stated that they will deliver on these covers this time around!

What material would you love to see on the back of your phone?