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No SD820 For The Huawei Nexus?!?

Snapdragon 820

Many sources have been claiming that the Huawei made Nexus will sport the Snapdragon 820.  In fact, just a few days back @evleaks, one of the world’s most known leaksters, Tweeted that same thing.  Well as things usually go, yet another source has come forward but according to this latest source the Huawei Nexus will use the Snapdragon 810, not the 820.

This latest proposition comes from Chinese analyst Pan Juitang via Weibo.  According to Juitang, the Snapdragon 820 will not be released till December of this year and devices powered by the SoC won’t hit the market till 2016.  The Huawei Nexus, on the other hand, is expected to debut in November so it couldn’t possibly utilize this chip.  Juitang goes on to say that the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus will likely be the first device to utilize the Snapdragon 820.

As for other specs, Juitang agrees with @evleaks in the screen resolution department.  Rumour is that it’ll sport a QHD display and given that most flagships these days are using the higher resolution display it shouldn’t surprise any of us for the Huawei Nexus to sport one.