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No 64GB HTC 10 For Canada

HTC 10

When HTC announced their new flagship, the HTC 10, they stated that it would be available in two storage sizes, 32GB and 64GB.  The 32GB model is currently available for pre-order through HTC directly and Bell will be adding the device to their line up at the end of the month.  Now if you were hoping to get the 64GB model don’t hold your breath, because it’s not coming our way.

According to Mobile Syrup, HTC has confirmed with them that Canada will not be receiving the 64GB model of the HTC 10.  I’ve also been reading that the USA will not be getting the larger storage option either.  It’s pretty odd that HTC wouldn’t offer both sizes here in North America at all but I guess if Samsung only has one storage option they felt like they could do the same.

Of course, the HTC 10 does have expandable storage but I for one always prefer a little extra internal space.

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  • LL Cool J

    So no 64GB model… no Uh-oh warranty protection.. AND more expensive than an S7? Okay, that’s not really how you go about staging a comeback. And I’m LL Cool J, I know all about comebacks!

    • Tim

      Yeah, I agree the strategy is a bit confusing. I’m still pretty excited to give the phone a whirl though. HTC has always been on of my favourite manufacturers