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Nexus S Jelly Bean Coming July 19?

It seems like it’s all about the upgrades today.  News is coming out of Australia Vodafone that the Nexus S will be receiving the Jelly Bean upgrade tomorrow!

Thus far, only the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus officially have Jelly Bean in play.  We were told that the Nexus S would be receiving it shortly so it shouldn’t be a surprise if this news turns out to be true.

Here’s the announcement from Vodafone:

“Approved by Vodafone, roll out by Google scheduled for 1:00pm AEST, 19th July 2012. Keep an eye on our blog for further information.”

1:00 PM AEST works out to about 11:00 PM ET.  That means that in as soon a day and a half, your Nexus S could be rocking the latest and greatest Android OS.  However, I make no promises as these roll outs usually take some time to make it around the world.

Again, it’s such a joy to see that Google is standing by their devices as best as they can.  I’m very interested to see how well Jelly Bean runs on a single core processor.