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Nexus Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow! No Nexus 5X For Canada?

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The countdown is on for the Nexus event and a slew of additional details regarding pricing and availability have just surfaced courtesy of Android Police.  Where shall we begin?  Let’s start with pricing.  According to the new reports, the Nexus 5X will begin at $379.99 for the 16GB while a 32GB will also be available at a higher cost.  The Nexus 6P will carry a heftier price tag which starts at $499.99 for the 32GB option.  A 64GB and 128GB model will also be available for the 6P but, of course, at a higher cost.  Now all of those amounts are in USD so things will definitely be higher here in Canada.  Given how bad the dollar is right now that price could jump a fair amount but lets hope that Google cuts us a break.

Now in terms of availability, the reports claim that pre-orders will begin in the Google Store  tomorrow after the event.  Google has opted for pre-orders over straight sales in an effort to better handle the stock levels and hopefully create a better buying experience for the customer.  Interestingly, devices will not be sold through carriers (at least in the states) but exclusively through the Google Store.  An interesting change that I’m sure will have some cheering and others complaining.

Now there is one last detail regarding the Nexus 5X to pass on that definitely isn’t good for us Canadians.  Canada was not listed as one of the countries that will be able to pre-order the 5X tomorrow.  Was that a mistake or are we really not getting the Nexus 5X at launch?  Cant’ say for sure right now but if we hear anything new we’ll be sure to let you all know.

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