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Nexus 6P Shipping To Canadians!

Nexus 6P Official - 2


If you were one of the lucky ones to score yourself a Nexus 6P before they went out of stock then I have some stellar news for you!  Canadians across the country are reporting that their Nexus 6Ps have begun shipping out!

Based on what I’m hearing, many received their shipping notification yesterday with a delivery date of tomorrow!  Some are just receiving their notification today which means they probably won’t see theirs till Thursday or Friday.

The new Nexus’ are finally upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!


  • miogus

    Originally scheduled for shipment Nov 4 – 11. Shipped yesterday for delivery tomorrow!

    • Tim

      That’s awesome! Let us know how you like it!

  • Andrew Heard

    hi…i just shipped my 2 day old Nexus 6p back to Google. I was very excited to receive it wednesday morning. Gorgeous phone…great experience for exactly 48 hours. then this morning it went into a perpetual startup loop. after almost an hour on the phone with 2 different Google reps, it was determined that it was a hardware issue.

    I am just taking a couple of days to decide if i even want another one (and all the time required to set it up)…or if it’s simply time to bite the bullet and go buy an iphone.

    • Tim

      That’s too bad! I’d say give the Nexus 6P another go! It’s been getting pretty rave reviews across the net! And you know.. Android > iOS 🙂