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Nexus 6P For Telus Now Available For Pre-Order At BestBuy

Nexus 6P BestBuy


The new Nexus’ should soon be hitting Canadian carriers and if you want to get one as soon as possible and you’re a Telus customer then you’ll want to mozy on over to BestBuy or  BestBuy currently has the Huawei made Nexus 6P up for pre-order for Telus customers.  The phone costs $699.99 outright and while no contract price was listed, chances are it’ll be at the $200 mark like Bell and Rogers.

According to the finer details, the device will be released on October 31 with an expected delivery date set at November 2.  If the pictures are accurate, only the silver version is currently available but hopefully the other options will make their way here sooner rather than later.

Anyone planning on buying the 6P?  Or did any of you order one while it was still available in the Google Store?