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Nexus 6P Camera Slides In At Number 2 According To DxOMark

Nexus 6P Official - 4


As mentioned various times already, the camera on the Nexus 5X and 6P is definitely one of the major highlights on both devices and now we have even more backing for Google’s claims.  The fine team over at DxOMark have tested out the new camera on the Nexus 6P and rank it number 2 among all current smartphones, behind only the Galaxy S6!  Here’s a summary of their findings:



  • Impressive detail preservation in low light conditions, by far the best tested to date.
  • Good detail preservation in outdoor conditions.
  • Accurate and fast autofocus in all conditions.
  • Good white balance and color rendering in outdoor conditions.
  • Flash: Good flash behavior with good detail preservation, white balance and color rendering.
  • Images are well exposed.


  • Visible irregularities in exposure, color, texture and noise due to HDR+ mode activation in low light conditions.
  • In high dynamic scenes, the highlights of the images are occasionally blown out.
  • When triggered, the shot is taken before the autofocus has converged.



  • Good global exposure, white balance and color rendering.
  • The autofocus is fast and accurate.
  • Low noise level in all conditions.


  • The strong jello effect due to the stabilization provides unpleasant videos during motions scenes.
  • Refocus are visible under illuminant changes and thefocus is lost during tracking movement.
  • Fine details are lost in low light conditions.
  • Color shading is visible in low light and indoor conditions.

That’s definitely some pretty high praise and as we already saw earlier, this isn’t all just talk!  Of course this is just one publications findings so we’ll have to wait for some more comparisons and blind tests to surface but so far so good for the cameras on Google’s new Nexus’.


  • velvetk

    It just dropped to #3 because Sony Z5 is the new #1