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Nexus 6P Back Glass Spontaneously Cracking?

Nexus 6P Crack

Often times when a new device launches an issue arises that causes a bit of an uproar.  Apple has had their fair share of “gates”(see Antenna-Gate, Bend-Gate) and Samsung ran into one as wel with their most recent Note (see S-Pen Gate).  Well it seems Google’s latest Nexus, the “premium” Nexus 6P may have a gate of its own to deal with.

A reddit thread has been started with a handful of Nexus 6P users reporting that the back glass covering the camera on their Nexus 6P spontaneously cracked.  As someone who has worked in mobile repairs before, I rarely believe it when people make this claim but story has piqued my interest nonetheless.

Basically all of the affected users report a very similar story: the phone was simply sitting nearby when they heard a loud cracking sound.  There are also a number of theories as to why the glass spontaneously cracked.  Some attribute it to temperature change, others to a case possibly being too tight.  It’s tough to say what’s going to happen at this point but this is a story I intend to follow as I have been contemplating picking up this phone since it debuted.  Hopefully Google and Huawei step up for these unlucky Android-ers.

Any of you Nexus 6P users suffering from a spontaneously cracked camera glass?


  • Stephen B Morris