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Nexus 5X Launching On November 10 On Canadian Carriers

Nexus 5X Official - 2


The Nexus 5X has been available through the Google Store for a little while now but Canadians will soon be able to pick up the device from their local carrier.  So far, Bell, Telus, Videtron, SaskTel and Eastlink have all committed to carrying the device and there’s a good chance Rogers will join the party too.  As for a release date, I have received a couple of tips regarding Telus and SaskTel stating that the device will launch on November 10 so it seems pretty safe to assume that that’s when all carriers will make the 5X available for purchase.

On the downside, only one model seems to be shipping out to carriers, the 16GB Black.  So if you’re hoping for some more storage or you’re wanting a different colour, the Google Store is your only option.  As for pricing, my tips state that the outright price will be about $600 ($100 jump from the Google Store!) and between $100-$150.  So if you’re planning on buying it outright, the Google Store seems like the better bet.