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Nexus 4 Returns To Play Store

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Last night, there seemed to be activity on the Google Play store regarding the availability status of the Nexus 4. “Sold Out” was changed to “Temporarily Out Of Stock,” marking the first sign of activity on the Play store in months. I speculated that this could only be a sign that Google was preparing to sell the Nexus 4 again.

Well, not to toot my own horn, but I was right on the money baby. It’s back and available. It says they will be shipped in one to two weeks.  Grab ’em while they’re hot.


  • Alex P.

    Got mine at 11:00am (Mountain time)

  • Just placed an order for mine!

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    Ships between 1-2 weeks (ie you get it mid-Feb). And the product debuted in mid November. That’s only a 3 month wait!

  • Bruno Silvino

    I got mine too.. but the feeling that it is an old phone, due the phones that will come soon is what is on my mind, I hope I will not regret with it. Just to add, I bought my GN last year in the same month and till today I am not regret. =D