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Nexus 4 / Jelly Bean 4.2 Features for you

Now, I mean for you, if you have a rooted Galaxy Nexus … sorry.

But, JB 4.2 is around the corner isn’t it?  A little over a week until the LG Nexus 4 is available to us Canucks, and I can’t wait.  Literally still biting my nails over the Note 2 or the N4… can’t decide.

For those of you who aren’t going to jump to the N4, but want 4.2 — you may have to wait.  Google’s been pretty tight-lipped over the GNexus’ plans for update.  Truthfully, they haven’t officially released it yet.  Which is why I think that November 13th is the release date for the phone.  Gives them a few more days to tweak it to perfection.

That being said, us Canadians who bought a Galaxy Nexus from a carrier would have even longer to wait for an update.  When Google does update the GNexus, it’ll be for the TAKJU builds first (I’m assuming), then for the YAKJU builds.  These were the models that were available via the Play Store.  If you bought via the carriers they have a build of YAKJUUX.  What’s the difference?  Well essentially Google’s handed over the reigns of that device and its updates to the carriers.  I’m STILL waiting for an answer from some of my contacts at Samsung to answer that one, no luck yet, as to why they ever did that.

Anyways, it might be a while.  If past history is any indication, it could take up to a few months.

Well, leave it to the geniuses at XDA and their marvellous coding ability to bring us all things cool – they’ve developed a “Transformation Pack“.  This brings with it several of the leaked software touches we’ve seen thus far for the N4.  Such as:

  • Camera with PhotoSphere
  • Gallery
  • Stopwatch/Clock
  • Nexus 4 Sounds
  • App Install (Phonesky.apk)
  • Launcher With Wallpapers
  • Gmail
  • Google Ears
  • Nexus 4 Lockscreen
  • Android 4.2 Google Now and Play store

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Gmail, and the photosphere.  Been cool to play with on my wife’s phone, but now I want it on mine.  I’ll wait until I get a new phone… going to leave my S3 virginal so I can easily sell it.

Still haven’t seen what that ‘dream mode’ is all about yet.

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  • BendingRobot

    I’m in the same boat, cannot decide between the Note2 or Nexus4, n4 is nice since its unlocked and will get direct updates from google, just concerned with the overall quality of the device, also lack of storage.

    • same… just can’t decide… doesn’t help the note 2’s case that there’s hardly any stock available.

      i’ve seen reviews by otehrs that have really put the ‘build quality’ to rest … or so they say.