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Next LG Nexus Rumoured To Sport A 3D Camera

LG Nexus

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the next Nexus(s) but a new rumour has surfaced and it’s an interesting one for sure.  According to a new report out of Korea, the LG made Nexus (remember, there may be another made by Huawei) will utilize some sort of 3D Camera set up.  Now this won’t be the first time a company takes on 3D for mobile as both HTC and LG released 3D camera wielding phones years ago as Android was beginning to grow.  Neither device really knocked it out of the park and the 3D was more gimmick than feature.

The report didn’t really provide any information as to what the 3D camera would be used for but they did provide some other useful information.  According to the report, this particular device will launch in October and will be powered by Android M, Google’s latest iteration of their OS.

As with all rumours, take this with a grain of salt.  I can’t really see Google utilizing such a unique camera on the Nexus line but I’d be interested to see what they do with it if it’s true.