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New Nexus’ Borrow Motorola’s Double Twist Camera Shortcut

Nexus Double Twist


The new Nexus’ will soon be on their way to excited buyers and it seems that they’ll be packing a camera shortcut that Motorola users are likely very familiar with.  Thanks to a recent hands on video that surfaced, we now know that the new Nexus’ have a Motorola like double-twist camera shortcut packed into them.  That means that you’ll have two shortcuts to the camera, the other being double tapping the power button.

The camera on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P was definitely one of the highlights that Google keyed in on at the announcement so it makes sense to pack the devices with some useful shortcuts to the camera.  Now if Google will just revamp their camera app a little bit to offer some additional features and control, then the new Nexus’ could really become some of the best shooters in the smartphone market.

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