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Native Fingerprint Reader Built Into Android M, Android Pay Coming Too

Fingerprint readers are here to stay and Google is officially jumping on board as they announced native fingerprint management for Android M.  While many manufacturers are already using fingerprint readers for different things, native fingerprint management will really open up the doors for apps and services to embed the additional security feature.

Google itself will bring fingerprint authentication to the Play Store so that users can use their unique print to purchase apps instead of typing in a password.  The native fingerprint manager will also be beneficial in another newly announced service, Android Pay.

Android Pay, as you may have guessed, will allow users to utilize their phone to make purchases at stores with contactless payment terminals.  All you need to do is unlock your phone and tap, no need to even open an app!  This service isn’t tied specifically to Android M but will be available for all Android devices with NFC capabilities.  Of course, this service will likely only be available in the States at launch but hopefully they can bring it North-side soon.