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Mysterious Motorola Device Shown Off On Video – Vanilla Android On Board

Motorola Phone


Well what do we have here?  To be honest…I’m not sure.  A mysterious Motorola device has popped up on a video courtesty of, a Vietnamese tech website.  They note on their site right away that they do not believe this to be the rumoured X-Phone.  According to them, the specs do not line up at all with the rumours that are circulating about the X-Phone but it’s a pretty nice phone nonetheless.  Here’s the specs of this guy:

  • 4″ 720p Display
  • S4 Pro Processor
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2000 mAh Battery

Not too shabby right?  However, what really caught my attention on this phone is the skin, or lack thereof.  In watching the video, the phone appears to be running stock Android yet there is a trace of Motorola’s skin in the form of a home screen widget.  If that’s the new strategy with the new Google influenced Motorola, I’m on board.  I have no problem with them including their widgets on a phone that’s running vanilla Android.  Widgets can be used if wanted and ignored if unwanted.  And in my opinion, a lot of the manufacturers widgets usually turn out to be pretty helpful and usually look pretty well developed as well.  So why not have the option for them.

What do you guys think about this?  Is this the new direction of Motorola?  Do you like it?

[Tinhte (Translated) / Engadget]

  • Mike

    I was a die hard Moto fan for years, they built some excellent quality phones and accessories. Customer service on the other hand is some of the worst I’ve experienced, they never return your e-mails or respond to requests on Facebook, you can try to call them if you have half of a day to sit on hold and software updates take waaaaay toooo long to be released(Milestone, Atrix, Xoom, etc)

    • Tim Gee

      The Google influence could definitely bring them back to the top of the food chain!