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MTS Releasing The Galaxy S III

Good new Manitobans (is that the right term?).  Manitoba regional carrier MTS will soon be carrying the most sellingest Android phone of all time, the Galaxy S III.  There’s no official word on the release date or pricing but according to the site you can visit your local store to pre-order if you are so inclined to do so.

My best guess is that the pricing will follow closely with the other carriers meaning that the 16GB should come in at about $100 on a 3-year contract and a 32GB should run you around $150.  The no contract pricing will likely be around the $600-650 range.  And if I remember correctly, MTS and Bell may have some sort of partnership (I may be wrong about this though) so there’s a chance that all three Canadian release colours, Pebble Blue, Ceramic White, andthe exclusive Garnet Red, could be coming to MTS.

Anybody in Manitoba going to be picking one of these beauties up now that it’s available on MTS?