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Motorola Enlists Ashton Kutcher In New Moto Promos

Marketing is a tricky game, yet crucial to a product’s success.  Apple has always been one of the best at the game and Samsung has really cranked it up over the last few years.  Motorola hasn’t always been strong in this department but they’ve brought in Ashton Kutcher (who is part of the Lenovo team, Motorola’s parent company) to help with their latest campaign and it’s pretty good.

Motorola believes that people are in love with their phones and they put this theory to the test in a couple of pretty hilarious videos.  In addition to a good laugh, the videos also showcase a couple of Motorola’s unique features such as the hands free mode on the Moto X Pure and the shatter proof screen on the Droid Turbo 2.  Sadly, neither of these devices are available in Canada.

I’m really hopping that Motorola brings the Droid Turbo 2 to Canada in the form of the Moto X Force  but I’m very doubtful that that will ever happen.  Nonetheless, enjoy the videos.