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Moto X Sport And New Moto G Leaked

Moto X Sport




A pair of new Motorola devices are on the way to market according to a new leak.  The photos you see above were both leaked by a source in Entel, a Chilean telecommunications company.  As you can see, both devices are due out in Agosto (or August for us English speaking folk) and one device is particularly interesting.

While we’ve already heard rumblings of the new Moto G, the Moto X Sport is a completely new device that, to my knowledge, has yet to be mentioned by any source around the web.  While it’s possible that this is simply a different name for the new Moto X, I’m thinking that it’s a completely different device.  Current rumours have the Moto X sporting a larger 5.6″ display not a 5.2″ screen; plus the CPU speed seems a little on the low end for Moto’s next flagship.  My best guess is that they’ve made a more durable (possibly waterproof) variant of their flagship device and this is it.

If these are due out next month, we should expect some sort of announcement soon.


Moto G