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Moto X Sequel To Include Front Facing Flash And Expandable Storage?



Earlier this month a pretty extensive spec sheet for the upcoming Moto X leaked.  While that leak provided most of the key details for Motorola’s next flagship, there’s still more to be learned and one Verizon engineer may have spilled a few more beans.

Jose Arturo, a Verizon device test engineer, was apparently trying to provide some explanations for the delayed Droid Turbo update and in the process he also let slip some details for the new Moto X.  According to Arturo, the next gen Moto X may re-introduce expandable storage.  This is something Motorola went away from, particularly when they were under Google, but may be bringing back as it has consistently been a request from all prospective smartphone buyers.  The new Moto X might also include a front facing flash which will definitely please those selfie junkies out there,.

All of these posts have apparently been removed now which makes me think there is some legitimacy behind the claims.  We likely have a little ways to go before we get an official release but I’m sure as we near a launch more information will make its way out.