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Moto G First Impressions

Moto G 2015 (2)

Motorola recently announced their new 2015 line up and the Moto G (2015) is the first of the trio of new devices to hit the market.  Motorola was nice enough to send one my way and I’ve been checking it out for the last couple of days and here are my first impressions.

First off, let’s talk about design.  Since the original Moto X, I have found Motorola’s device to be some of the most comfortable to hold thanks to the perfectly curved back.  The Moto G, as you might guess, is no exception and just fits perfectly in the hand.  Coming from my S6, the Moto G does have a little more weight to it but it is by no means heavy.  The overall design is quite nice for a $200 phone and I love the metal accent bar on the back but the Moto G definitely doesn’t have the stylings and build materials to match up against a flagship caliber device.  But then again, this phone is only $200!

Performance thus far has been pretty good.  I’ve consistently been impressed with Motorola’s software/hardware optimization and they have nailed it once again on the new Moto G.  The UI is very fluid and everyday tasks open quick and run very well.  The 1GB of RAM does limit things a little bit as I did notice some minute slow downs when loading heavier websites while other apps were running in the background.  It’d be great if we had the 2GB option available to us but it seems that it just isn’t to be.

So far I’ve been quite impressed with the Moto G.  I’ll continue testing it out over the next week or so and will report back later on.  If you have any questions about the phone or if there’s anything specifically you’d like me to check out, leave a comment below!