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Moto G 2nd Gen Getting Its Marshmallow On

Moto G 2nd Gen

The Moto G’s remain some of the best budget phones on the market and if you happen to have a 2014 iteration of the phone, we’ve got some good news for you.  Tips are coming in stating that the Marshmallow update is rolling out to Canadian devices!

Some of the new Marshmallow features that will surely appeal to current users are the improved battery life, thanks to Doze, and the ability to use a microSD card as internal storage (reformatting is required so make sure you back up your card before doing this).  Marshmallow also brings Now on Tap, the evolution of Google’s Google Now feature.

If you haven’t received a notification for the update yet, jump into your settings and click on “about device.”  In there, you’ll be able to do a manual update check.

It’s nice to see that even though Motorola has folded into Lenovo, updates are still rolling out to the Moto’s.

  • Redoranges

    I just updated my 2nd Gen motto g and it bricked my phone. Stuck in red exclamation saying no command. Factory reset didn’t work. Called Motorola, they said they know of the issue and will contact me with more info.

    • Tim

      Dang… sorry to hear that. Hopefully they come up with a solution for you really soon!