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More Galaxy S7 Details Emerge!



Galaxy S7 news has been coming pretty fast and furious as of late and here are some more details for you to indulge in.  These latest details come from SamMobile, a Samsung news site with a pretty solid track record so I’d definitely give a bit more weight to these details.  Now to the good stuff.

First off, SamMobile has confirmed that the Galaxy S7 is currently working under the code name “Project Lucky.”  Why Project Lucky?  Well “7” is a lucky number in many cultures and as this is the 7th S device, it just fit.

In terms of the processor, SamMobile states that Samsung may very well return to using different chipsets in different regions.  We’ve already heard that Samsung is testing out the Snapdragon 820 and according to SamMobile they are also testing out the Exynos 8890.

This latest report also discussed the possible return of the microSD card slot.  One of the reasons that Samsung ditched expandable storage on the S6 and Note 5 is that the memory controller on SD cards and the UFS 2.0 storage aren’t compatible.  Samsung is apparently trying to figure out a way for them to play nicely together so that they can bring back the much demanded storage slot.

Last but not least SamMobile also had a few details to share regarding the camera.  Samsung is testing out a new 20MP ISOCELL camera that may make its way onto the S7.  In addition to the new sensor, there is also a new project called “all lens cover” in the works.  SamMobile currently doesn’t have any details as to what that project entails but once any details surface we’ll be sure to pass it along.