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More Galaxy S IV Videos Leak Showing Off New Features

Galaxy S IV Leak

Today is the day! What day is that?  It’s Galaxy S IV announcement day!  And although the official announcement is still a few hours away it doesn’t mean that the leaks will stop.

Today we have four new videos for your viewing pleasure.  The videos look to be done by the same guys who initially leaked the phone a couple of days ago.  The most interesting of the videos are the first two which show off some new features on the phone.  The first shows off the floating touch feature that we talked about a little while back.  It is similar to the pop up view that the Note II features but rather than using the stylus you can simply use your finger!

The second one is not nearly as exciting but still a nice little addition.  The feature is called Smart Pause and to works very similarly to Smart Stay.  When you’re watching a movie on the beautiful 5″ display the movie will automatically pause if the phone notices that you’ve looked away.  Now you won’t miss a minute of your favourite movie!

I’m sure that Samsung has a lot more than that up its sleeves for the big announcement and we’ll do our best to keep you as up to date as possible today!