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LG Reportedly Working On Android 5.1.1 For The G2!

LG G2 Lollipop

Software hasn’t always been LG’s forte but it looks like they’re working hard to change that perception.  According to a recent tip over AndroidPit, LG has the latest version of Android (short of Android M that is), Android 5.1.1, in the works for the now two generation old flagship, the LG G2.

The tip was allegedly sent in by a LG software development employee who also stated that the Android 5.1.1 update will also introduce their LG UX 4.0 to the G2.  The new UX will bring with it several features that can be found on their most recent flagship device, the G4.

Although the update isn’t expected for a couple of months still, it’s still nice to see that OEM’s are not abandoning their old flagship device!  Now if only we could churn these out a little fast than all would be well in the world!