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LG Planning Fall G2 Release With Android 5.0


Today it was reported that LG is planning to introduce the Optimus G2 this fall, one year after the Canadian and international launch of the current model.

Like many other phones expected to arrive this year, the phone will feature a 1080p HD display five inches or so in size. Given the rumoured time frame of the G2’s release, it is expected that LG will be rolling out the device with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Google is known to announce new iterations of Android in late May, with the first round of devices arriving in the fall, rendering the LG superphone one of the first phones to feature the upcoming mobile platform.

Although rumours were rampant around the Internet that LG would be showcasing the device at last week’s CES, this did not indeed happen, leading experts to believe the company is waiting to show the model off at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February 25th – 28th.

If LG does indeed choose MWC as the best venue to unveil their 2013 mobile devices, expect them also to announce the GK, a device rumored to be decked out with a 5.5”, full HD, 1080p display along with a quad-core processor. Projected to arrive much earlier than the G2, the GK is what many believe LG is preparing to compete with Samsung’s upcoming S4.