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LG Nexus Shows Off Its Insides

The LG Nexus hasn’t been a secret for a long time.  But despite all the leaks that have already occurred  there’s still a few things to learn here and there.  And today we get a couple more little tid bits of information and some pictures to go along with it.

Today’s information is mainly about the battery.  It seems that there will be a 2100 mAh battery running the LG Nexus device.  Probably not as large as some would have liked but it should, at the very least, be sufficient.  Now the downside of this news is that the battery looks to be irreplaceable.  As you can see in the shot above, it looks as though the back cover is not easily removed which means that a non swappable battery.

So for power users, this may not be the phone for you.  Although, there are a lot of external battery sources coming to market now and there’s always a possibility that some companies will make cases with built in batteries for the phone.  Though it’ll add some bulk to the device, it’ll also give those power users the extra juice they need.

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