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LG might be going all in with Android

So there’ve been some rumours in the past about Samsung making their own OS, or Sony going ot a mobile platform of their Playstation (like Vita) or others abandoning Android altogether.

We’ve all seen the fear and uncertainty spreading about with folks talking about the death of Android (looking at you Business Insider) or how developers hate to develop for Android (i.e. recent Giz article).  Note I’m not linking to them at all… hardly worth the read.

But the latest is a something positive for a change.  LG, again, not one of the bigger players, is potentially looking at stopping making devices with anything other than Android.  Perhaps it’s the ever growing friendship with Nokia and WP phones, or the fact that folk like Samsung are making $5 BILLION a year… who knows.

Maybe we’ll see some smartTVs from them.  My monitor right now is an LG, maybe by this time next year I’ll have one with Android built into it too!?

Again, it’s just a rumour.


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