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LG Korea: Nexus 4 Manufacturing Going Just Fine

Still trying to get a Nexus 4?  Well you’re likely not alone.  Ever since it’s début  the Nexus 4 has been nearly impossible to get a hold of.  It’s rarely available for purchase and when it is available, it’s sold out before you can say “Android in Canada.”

Many of us believed that LG was just having issues meeting the demand for this hot device.  It made sense for that to be the issue.  LG had never created a device that was this sought after so perhaps they didn’t have the pieces in place to churn out this device fast enough.  However, according to LG Korea, they’re not having any problems with the manufacturing process.  So what’s going on then?  Well, one speculation (and this is just speculation) is that Google is purposely making this device harder to purchase to increase the demand.

In other news, the same LG Korea source stated that that rumour that the Nexus 4 was being put to bed to make way for another device is completely false.  He says that these reports are completely “unfounded.”  That’s also good news out of LG, however, it’s always nice to see a new Nexus device isn’t it?

What do you guys think is going on with the supply chain?  Is it Google or is it LG?


  • WonderSteve

    In my opinion it is Google. We are seeing similar shortages for Nexus 10, at least in Canada. It makes me even more annoyed they are shipping those Nexus 4 to the carriers, not the Play Store

  • Leslie Anne

    I think Google is very mindful of the problem it would cause if their special Nexus devices started to outsell all the other Android devices. This would be sufficient reason for them to throttle the production of Nexus phones and tablets.

    Can’t say I blame them! They need the manufacturers and want to remain just “niche” products.

    • AiCMark

      Good point. Makes me wonder…

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    Screw Google and screw lg

    – sent from my nexus 4
    … That took 1 and a half months to get here