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LG Is Bringing Back The App Drawer On The G5

Last week I had the opportunity to play around with the soon to be released LG G5.  One thing that I noticed quite quickly is that the app drawer was gone.  While most users probably wouldn’t really be bothered by the removal (myself included) it’s something I did notice and I’m sure there will be some that are bothered by its omission.  While a third party launcher easily remedies the problem, it seems LG has decided to bring it back as well but as an option.

By default, the new UX 5.0 will not feature an app drawer but you can re-enable it by switching your home setting to the “Home & app drawer” mode.  Again, this isn’t a huge issue but I think it’s a wise move on LG’s part to make it an option for those who want a slightly more traditional look and feel.

What do you guys think?  Is the app drawer a necessity?  Or would you prefer manufacturers to drop it in their UI’s?


  • 4wallz

    As you stated in the article, it’s not really a big issue because third party launchers allow the traditional Android look for those who feel the need to resist change.