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LG G5 Leaked On Middle Eastern Website


LG is probably really trying to prevent its upcoming flagship from getting leaked by releasing some teasers here and there. Unfortunately for them, it turns out the entire phone has been leaked.


A now removed listing of an LG G5 for sale at a price of $680 USD on, a classified advertisements site based in the middle east, showed off the front and back of the phone, revealing all there is to know about the new design.


These new images confirm the phone’s metal body, rear mounted fingerprint sensor and the new dual camera + LED flash housing. It also confirms the move back to the side volume button placement. As for the front, nothing serious is going on. It looks like LG was aiming for a G3-esque front bezel with the G5 with its black earpiece and metallic bottom bezel.

Now that the phone has pretty much been revealed by the leaks, there’s isn’t much left to talk about except for maybe the mysterious expansion slot and second screen.

More will be revealed on February 21st.


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